Toyota Land Cruiser LC300

We're excited for the new Toyota Land Cruiser to drop. Since 2008, the LC200 has been regarded as one of the key players in the full-size SUV segment, and it continues to go strong in quite a few markets. Unlike many other manufacturers that moved away from the segment, Toyota is doubling down on the nameplate with the LC300 generation. 

There were many leaks of the popular SUV, but more details were revealed in an Instagram post containing the design details and specifications housed in internal Toyota documents of the new 300 series. The documents come from Toyota South Africa. 

The documents also reveal that the new LC will feature lightweight components like an aluminum roof, a revised front bumper to help bring the center of gravity lower and hopefully improve handling and other driving characteristics. The new LC will also feature other equipment like a reverse camera washer—similar to headlight and windshield washers. 

Other details leaked in the documents reveal three trim levels: GX-R, GR-S, and the line-topping ZX. Two engine options will also be available for the SUV. Unfortunately, we won't see the beloved V8 gasoline and diesel motors anymore, instead, Toyota is equipping the new Land Cruiser with a twin-turbo V6. The gasoline variant will have a displacement of 3.5-liters while the diesel will come with 3.3-liters of displacement. The diesel’s output is rated at 302 hp and 700 Nm of torque. The gasoline comes with 409 hp and 650 Nm of torque. It's interesting to see the gasoline option rising up to the torque figures of the diesel. 

The post also stated that official photos are slated to come by the end of May 2021 with a launch happening sometime soon. With the number of leaks coming out, we're expecting a launch quite soon. The Philippines might get the unit in a few year's time or sooner seeing as a Land Cruiser is a pretty popular model in the country. 

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