2022 Subaru BRZ teaser

The next-generation Toyota 86/BRZ has been a hot topic lately as the sports car has been making its rounds around the rumor mill. Subaru was, however, able to quell a few of those rumors thanks to its announcement that it would debut the new vehicle in “fall 2020.” While initially there was no specific date, the Japanese brand has announced that it will reveal the vehicle on November 18, 2020. 

2022 Subaru BRZ preview event

Subaru has recently released a new teaser photo showcasing the front of the new Toyota 86/ BRZ’s front headlights. Compared to its predecessor it now comes with a larger and much rounder headlight. Aside from that the bumper of the vehicle also looks new as well with a few more cuts that help give it a more athletic and sporty look. The hood of the sports car as well as received a redesign coming in with a more sculpted look with more defined creases.

While the teaser image is great as a preview of what the twin sports cars will look like, the major question of what is under the hood has yet to be answered. Reports have suggested that the Toyota 86 and its mechanical twin the Subaru BRZ could come powered by a naturally-aspirated engine. The reports further suggest that it will come in the form of a 2.4-liter boxer motor similar to that found on the Subaru Ascent. It will reportedly make between 220 to 230hp giving it a decent bump in power compared to the current 2.0-liter powerplant. While these reports have yet to be confirmed the possibility of a turbocharged motor powering the next-generation sports car is still a very real possibility. 

With the BRZ set to make its debut first, this will give us a glimpse as to what the next generation Toyota 86 might have in store. Since they are mechanically similar, the features between the two vehicles should roughly be about the same. With the reveal happening in a few days all we can do now is wait for the official event to happen to truly find out what the next-generation sports car has to offer.

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