Mazda BT-50 Pangolin Edition 2

The Mazda BT-50 Pangolin 2 originally debuted at the 8th Philippine International Motor Show. At the time it was only a concept car for Mazda Philippines to feel out the market to see if there was any interest in a special edition of the BT-50. In this case, this new iteration is the second special edition of the pickup truck to be named after the anteater.

The Mazda BT-50 brought unrivaled design, comfort, and capability to the popular pickup truck segment when we launched it in November 2021. One year later, it is only appropriate that we mark its anniversary with the return of the BT-50 4x4 Pangolin Edition 2
Mazda BT-50 bed roller

This special edition of the vehicle is Mazda’s way of working to help raise awareness about the Pangolin as it is a critically endangered species and to help bring about environmental preservation for it. It also serves as a renewal of the brand’s commitment to supporting the Katala Foundation; a non-stock, non-profit Philippine NGO that is dedicated to helping preserve and protect species that are endemic to the country.

Mazda BT-50 Pangolin 2 Rota wheels

What you get with the special edition version of the BT-50 starts with a special set18-inch Rota gloss black alloy wheels with Pangolin-inspired center caps with an extra 10mm of offset which better places the wheels within the fenders. Speaking of fenders, the Pangolin Edition 2 also gets fender flares to add to the more off-road-oriented look. The pickup truck also comes with a two-tone fashion bar that gives a sporty accent together with the functionality of the bed that comes standard with a liner and a lockable cover.

Currently, the Pangolin Edition 2 is only offered as a special package to those who are buying the Mazda BT-50 4x4 AT models. While the stock variant sells for P1,790,000 the Pangolin Edition 2 package adds P68,000 to the truck’s SRP. However, this is only for the first 100 customers. The pricing will change after that initial 100 is met. As with all Mazda’s in the

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