Mazda has stopped making the Mazda6 in Japan, leading to questions about its future in the Philippines.

Mazda recently announced it's stopping production of the Mazda6 in Japan, which has obviously caught the attention of car buyers in the Philippines, making them wonder if the same fate will happen to the Mazda6 here.

The Mazda6 has been around for 22 years and has been a popular choice for those who like sedans and wagons. In Japan, the Mazda6 has enjoyed a long and successful run, with 226,437 units sold. However, the company has decided to stop making the model, with production concluding in mid-April, and not replace it with a new version. Instead, they are focusing on their CX series of crossovers, a type of car that's more like an SUV. 

There had been talk in Japan about a potential fourth-generation Mazda6, possibly built on a new rear-wheel-drive platform, especially after people liked the new CX-60 and CX-90 models, but Mazda's latest announcement makes it clear that they're not planning a new Mazda6. The end of production in Japan follows the model's earlier withdrawal from markets like the United States and the United Kingdom. 


In the Philippines, the availability of the Mazda6, particularly the wagon variant, is now under question since it is sourced from Japan. With its production coming to a stop in Japan, the future availability of the Mazda6 in the Philippines is still being determined. Mazda Philippines has yet to make an official statement on the matter.

With the trend in cars moving towards SUVs and crossovers, and with the Mazda6 stopping in other big markets, it looks like the Philippines might also see this model go away anytime soon.

Filipino fans of the Mazda6 might have to get ready for this end of production as the company keeps moving its priority to the types of vehicles people are buying more. 

For now, while the future of the Mazda6 in the Philippines remains undecided, you can explore Mazda's current lineup and get a quote for the Mazda car of your choice.

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