2017 Subaru Palm Challenge

The contestants of this year’s Subaru Palm Challenge have already gone on a ‘no sleep’ mode for more than 48 hours. As of this writing, 4 Filipinos have already tapped out due to fatigue and muscle pain.

With that in mind, the Philippine team still has 6 contenders who are in the hunt to clinch this year’s Palm Challenge. The remaining Filipinos are led by 8-time Palm Challenge contestant Alex Neblasca (holding the Philippines sign below) who finished 3rd overall last year with a time of 73 hours and 50 minutes. The other Filipinos who are in the hunt for the win are Juan Furiscal Jr., Filmark Bernante, Donn Michael Yap, Mark Joseph Trinos, and Reggie Purugganan.

For the uninitiated, the Palm Challenge is an endurance competition that has been running for 16 years now. This event is held annually at Ngee Ann City in Singapore with the grand prize of driving home a brand new Subaru. The contestants need to place the palm of their right hand onto specified palm decals and keep it there until one last participant remains.

All contestants are given a 5-minute break every 6 hours: 7 p.m., 1 a.m., 7 a.m., and 1 p.m. During the break, contestants can drink, eat, and even ask the medical staff for a massage. Moreover, they can go to the toilet to relieve themselves. Take note, all of this should be done within 5 minutes. If exceeded beyond the allotted time, the contestant will be eliminated.

However, Subaru is giving additional breaks to participants with supporters who take part in the online game. The top 10 participants on the game scoreboard will get an extra 5-minute break during the challenge at 10 a.m., 4 p.m., and 10 p.m. Simply log in to carchallenge.sg and input the number of the competitor.

058 for Alex Neblasca

003 for Donn Michael Alcala Yap

042 for Filmark Ramos Bernante

079 for Juan Jr. Emberga Furiscal

017 for Mark Joseph Verzosa

029 for Reggie Purugganan

What are you waiting for? Join the online game right now to support the Philippine team.

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