Mitsubishi XRT Concept

The current-generation Mitsubishi Strada has been on the market for almost eight years, and there have been speculations about the upcoming new generation. In March 2023, Mitsubishi revealed the XRT Concept at the Bangkok Motor Show, giving us a glimpse of what the new model might look like. Recently, the manufacturer sent out invitations in Thailand for the launch of the 2024 year model of the Strada, known as the Triton, in some markets.

While Mitsubishi Thailand's social media presence has been relatively quiet, they have sent out invitations to the media for the unveiling event scheduled for July 26, 2023. Since many vehicles and models in the Philippines come from Thailand, the launch of the new Strada there will likely give us a good idea of what to expect locally. The XRT Concept showcased some notable changes, such as a redesigned front end, fenders, and a more muscular bed. The rear fenders appear broader and more pronounced, indicating a potential increase in size compared to the current model.

Mitsubishi XRT Concept

Regarding the interior, not much information is available. However, it is reasonable to assume that the new Strada will feature a rearranged dashboard, new seats, and a variety of upholstery color and material options depending on the variant. Additionally, there may be some new safety features incorporated into the design.

Rumors suggest that the new Strada might replace the current engine with an updated version of the 4N15 2.4-liter diesel engine, which is expected to be better-tuned than the existing 4N15 engine. Probably somewhere closer to the 200 hp mark, as with the trend with current pick-up trucks in the market.

Mitsubishi XRT Concept

The wait for the official unveiling on July 26, 2023, may feel quite long, but it is possible that leaks and unofficial information about the new Strada will surface on the internet before then. Until the covers are lifted off the new model, everything remains uncertain and speculative. However, Mitsubishi's popular pickup is generating excitement and anticipation among enthusiasts and potential buyers.

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