Mitsubishi Lancer

We all know the Mitsubishi Lancer, whether you discovered the existence of this icon through films or through watching rally races, there’s no denying the Lancer’s status. The most popular version of this four-door sedan was the Lancer Evolution, a hardcore, four-wheel drive sedan that rocked the rally scene.

Unfortunately, the Lancer and Lancer Evolution nameplate met its end back in 2016. Mitsubishi cited numerous reasons for its discontinuation, but it did not provide a replacement for it. Fast forward to 2024, automotive media site Motor1, reports that Mitsubishi is planning to revive two of its iconic nameplates through recent trademark filings in the U.S.

The first name to come up is the “Montero”, no, it’s not the Montero Sport that’s currently on sale today. The name “Montero” belongs to an SUV that’s also called the Pajero and Shogun in other markets. No other info is available, however, the trademark includes "automobiles" along with numerous other applications, a strong indication that Mitsubishi will bring the Pajero back to life, at least in the US.

The second trademark is for a "Lancer Sportback.” The Lancer Sportback, a five-door wagon version of the Lancer, was a body style that was always available with the Lancer nameplate. The trademark, which was initially denied and appealed in March, specifies its use for "automobiles and structural parts therefor."

Mitsubishi Pajero

If you’re already getting excited about the revival of two icons in Mitsubishi’s lineup, it’s best to manage your expectations first. With Mitsubishi focusing on sustainability and green technology, there’s a huge possibility that these two nameplates will come out as an EV. Nothing is set in stone for now though, and with only trademark filings to go on, it could still go in any direction. 

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