Bosch MA's initiative with Teach For The Philippines aims to improve fundamental education skills of Filipino children.

Beeps are bringing books! Every beep from Bosch is now an action that will contribute to learning for Filipino kids. Last December, Bosch Mobility Aftermarket (MA) Philippines and Teach For The Philippines (TFP) started their #CareForEducation campaign. 

The primary goal of the said effort is to improve basic reading, math, and social skills among Filipino children. Recently, Bosch MA Philippines kick-started the campaign’s renewal with a Student Learning Trip at The Mind Museum on March 16, 2024, involving students from a TFP-partnered public school.


This year, the campaign successfully raised Php1,000,000, thanks to the Bosch Europa Horns sales in 2023. The proceeds are going to TFP, which are quite a contribution from Bosch’s supportive customer base.


Paulo Duarte, Managing Director of Bosch Philippines, expressed his gratitude for the support received, crediting their customers for making this possible. He mentioned that despite surpassing targets, Bosch MA will still aim to extend its reach further. 


On the other hand, Mavie Almeda Ungco, CEO of Teach for the Philippines, appreciated Bosch MA’s contribution, mentioning the positive impact on hundreds of public school students across the country. 

“Bosch MA enable our organization to positively impact the lives of hundreds of public school students across the country. We greatly appreciate Bosch MA’s continued partnership that supports much- needed programs focused on improving the academic and life outcomes of our students.”

The #CareForEducation campaign mainly supports foundational skills development in public school students through two programs. The Functional Literacy Program (FLP) helps develop reading and math skills, and the Batang Bayani Program (BBP) encourages positive learning behaviors at home. Last year, these programs exceeded expectations, with 154% of students reaching for FLP and 100% for BBP. In 2024, the goal is to reach 850 students and 650 parents.


Bosch’s campaign in the Philippines is part of their ASEAN-wide efforts, each focusing on various aspects like happiness and health. For more information about Bosch’s work, you may watch this video by Autodeal:

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