Nissan Altima Sedan

A recent survey conducted by Nissan reveal a different side to the preferences of consumers. Research shows that young buyers show strong interest when it comes to the sedan body style or car. 

The respondents of this survey covered a wide age range, between the ages of 18 and 65. Nissan asked drivers who do not own a sedan if they would consider buying one now or in the future. Their survey had 75% of people considering buying one now or in the future. Millennials showed even greater interest, with around eight out of ten showing interest for sedans. Oddly enough, 71% of sedan drivers said that they’re passionate about travel and adventure, while 62% stated that their passions lie in exploring nature and the outdoors. This figure is as intriguing as it is ironic since sedans are supposedly for paved road, nothing much off the beaten path. 

The study also included a segment asking if sedan drivers believe their car has its own personality. More than a quarter, at 31%, of the respondents answered and admitted to talking to their car or even naming it. 

It is because of this information that Nissan is strengthening its resolve to give customers more of what they want. A series of new sedans will cater to those potential customers. Bold new designs await as the company gears up to bring the latest advanced safety technologies, and fuel-efficient powertrains to market. 

Our newest sedans speak directly to the needs of buyers, particularly young people who may be looking to buy their first car. As some of our competitors walk away from sedans, we’re seizing the opportunity.

Several sedans are on offer from Nissan. Most, if not all, have been updated in other markets. The subcompact Nissan Almera shows its V-motion driven design in other parts of the globe, and is a radical departure from its predecessor. The Nissan Altima is a global model that uses Nissan’s VC turbo technology in the States. ProPILOT driver assistance system. Back in April, the new Nissan Sylphy has also debuted at Auto Shanghai 2019. 

Nissan cars are offering customers more advanced features than ever. In the months and years to come, Nissan sedan drivers will enjoy more autonomous technologies, more advanced and electrified powertrains, and more connectivity.

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