Black Rhino Wheels Philippines

Aftermarket options for SUVs and pickups have always been aplenty, and a brand new set of wheels can change the look of your vehicle considerably. Black Rhino Wheels, a brand synonymous with performance on and off the road, has just released their 2019 product lineup, offering new designs for your vehicles.

Brand new designs and new finishes, such as Matte Bronze and Textured Matte Black, are a welcome addition to the already comprehensive lineup of Black Rhino. Also, for the first time, beadlock wheels will also be on offer for the more hardcore 4x4 enthusiasts. Beadlock is the clamping of a tire’s bead between an outer and inner ring that is attached to the wheel. This sandwich effect creates ample pressure to keep the “bead” of a tire locked into place. Beadlock wheels were formulated to prevent wheels from dismounting when placed under tremendous torque loads and lower tire pressures, and were originally made for military applications.

The Crawler and Garrison true beadlock wheels from Black Rhino is perfect for the growing 4x4 community in the Philippines who are stepping up the game further.”

Black Rhino also has rotary forged wheels in their lineup, offering lighter weight than a regular cast wheel, but still incredibly strong. This advanced production technique forges the wheel at high pressure and spun at a highly speed, altering the molecular structure and enhancing the strength of the alloy. These weight savings reduce rotational mass, decrease unsprung weight, and offer better performance, so you’ll be getting better acceleration and handling.

If you want to see these wheels for yourself and want to pick up a new set, please visit Concept One Wheels at 318 Santolan Road, San Juan or check their website here.

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