This year, a trip down memory lane was felt as almost a hundred BMW cars were on display, ranging from the pertinently maintained and restored 80’s and 90’s models to the present ultra-modern works of art. Among the BMW car clubs that have participated in this year’s BMFest are the Bimmer Club PH, Alpina Car Club PH, Gruppe BMW Philippines, Eurocar Club Philippines, and the Eurokina Car Club. Many one-BMW-model car clubs were also present to provide even more spectacle, like the E30 Club PH, E34 Club PH, E36 Club PH, and the E46 Club PH.

As the day went by, many car enthusiasts and mall goers of all ages took their time to visit and take a few snaps and selfies with the cars, and as the night falls, music and a great vibe filled the area. An RC car race track was also put up to add more fun and excitement as well.

Prior to this BMW car show, a fun run event was held last June 1st at the SM Clark grounds in Pampanga, and was attended to by many enthusiasts and BMW car club members. All in all, the 2014 BMFest was a resounding success, and has served as a testament to how successful the German automaker really is here in the Philippines. The power of JOY, keenly felt.

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