BMW-IBM tie-up

BMW and IBM forged a partnership that seek to develop a more advanced driver-assist technology. The collaboration is focused toward exploring IBM’s Watson computing system to create a more intuitive driver-assist tech for future cars.

In a nutshell, IBM’s Watson is a question answering computer system that combines artificial intelligence and analytic software. It is said to have over 200 million pages of information. With this, Watson has the ability to answer almost any question under the sun.    

“With this agreement, our companies will work together to lay the foundations so that drivers can benefit from Watson’s conversational and machine learning capabilities.” said IBM global head of the Watson Internet of Things (IoT) Harriet Green.

Of note, this project leads to IBM, locating 4 hybrid units of BMW i8 at its Watson IoT headquarters. The units will be subjected to demonstration of prototype solutions that will run on IBM’s Bluemix. This demonstration will show how IBM Watson can establish new conversational interfaces between drivers and their cars.

Moreover, the customization of car interface about the driver’s preferences, like the needs and habits of the driver, will be developed through Watson’s machine learning capabilities. The car’s manual will also be injected into Watson’s system to accommodate the driver’s concern without taking his eyes off the road.

For more convenient traveling, the project also aims to incorporate the IBM’s Weather Company, route updates, as well as traffic and vehicle status. This is to enhance the driving experience and adds recommendations to the driver.

For more information about BMW and its vehicles, visit the AutoDeal Car Brands page.

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