BMW PH to raffle off the ultimate adventure package in Morocco

If like the movie franchise Mission: Impossible, listen up. That's because Asian Carmakers Corporation (ACC), the official importer and distributor of BMW in the Philippines, is flying one lucky soul to Morocco so he/she can experience what it's like to be IMF agent Ethan Hunt.

Apparently, this year marks the 3 Series' 40th anniversary. And because Hunt (played by Tom Cruise) 'drove' a beautiful BMW M3 in the latest film 'Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation', they too want a new BMW owner to umm... go on a fairly similar action-packed adventure. Sans the flying bullets and car crashes, of course.

We're guessing that this is BMW's most extreme way to communicate their brand message of 'sheer driving pleasure' with the 3 Series.

The so-called 'BMW Morocco Experience' will fly a BMW owner (and a friend) on an all-expense paid trip to Marrakech, Morocco and visit the filming locations in the movie. There, they get to travel via a Private Bell Helicopter, go Stunt Driving in a Dune Buggy, and take part in an Aerial Adventure on a Zipline. BMW will even book you in a Luxury 5-Star Hotel (for 4 nights), attend a Black Tie Dinner at Billionaire's Luxury Residence, and take part in a Souks and Medina Tour.

If that sounds like fun, you can earn a raffle entry by purchasing either a BMW 3 Series Anniversary Edition or any select BMW vehicle from July 21 to August 21, 2015. Then, they'll pick one (1) winner who can play the role of Ethan Hunt and go on an adventure in Morocco.

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