BMW’s HoloActive Touch turns cabin into virtual reality

The BMW Group continues to stage innovative concepts at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES). With Gesture Control introduced in 2015 and AirTouch system in the following year, the German carmaker is to launch another breakthrough for 2017 – the BMW HoloActive Touch.

Taking hints from its name, the BMW HoloActive Touch is the combination of both Gesture Control and AirTouch built for a mission – to have ‘button-less’ dashboard inside BMW cars.

Just like what you see in sci-fi movies, the driver and passengers can control the car’s functions through hand movements. The controls will appear like a hologram within the cabin, similar to head-up displays, albeit, way cooler.

The system of BMW HoloActive Touch is made possible through clever use of reflections to produce the floating full-color display. It also uses a camera to detect the driver’s hand, which can also sense the position of the fingertips.

In a nutshell, everything will be controlled without any physical contact. Although, conventional touchscreen functions can still be enabled – just in case you get weirded out by this ‘sorcery.’

The BMW HoloActive Touch will be introduced in CES 2017, which will happen in the first week of January in Las Vegas. Although it may take a few years before this technology appear in production cars, this is something to look forward to in the future.

For more information about BMW and its vehicles, visit the AutoDeal Car Brands page.

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