A tire's condition is often taken for granted by the everyday Juan. Unfortunately, not knowing the state it’s in could spell the difference between a safe, relaxing journey and a potentially dangerous trip. For that very reason, Bridgestone Philippines recently launched their new campaign called “Hindi na pwede ang pwede na yan” to highlights the importance of tires.

With that in mind, Bridgestone showed the consequences of neglecting a tire’s condition through a couple of driving demonstrations.

The first segment featured the difference in braking distance in a wet surface between bald and new tires. The result, it took 1 full car length more for the car with bald tires to come to a stop. To put in perspective, your car could be crushed all the way to the driver’s seat if it was rear ended by a vehicle with bald tires, leading to fatal results.

The other exercise was aimed to demonstrate the difference between a car with a tire that’s under-inflated and one with the correct pressure in a slalom course. This showed how important tires are when maneuvering and controlling the vehicle when evading a pot hole or any sudden obstacle ahead. The soft, under-inflated tire caused severe understeer and felt wobbly during the turns while the car with the correct pressure was on point and had a lot more grip.

Bridgestone emphasizes that the tires play a crucial role in safety, handling, and fuel economy, among many others. It is essential to have quality, well-maintained tires more than anyone can imagine, so if there’s one thing anyone shouldn’t scrimp on, they’re those black round rubbers that are in contact with the road all the time,” said Bridgestone Marketing Division’s Ruby Gan.

When safety is at stake, Bridgestone encourages people to settle for nothing less than exceptional hence the “Hindi na pwede ang pwede na yan” campaign.

In addition, the company formally launched the Free Tire Check Service program, available at all Bridgestone Tire Centers in the Philippines. Bridgestone said that the program is their way of reaching out to more drivers across the country to make tire knowledge accessible and free.

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