Suzuki S-Presso safety

In wanting to make sure that its products are safe, Suzuki has sent its Suzuki S-Presso hatchback for reassessment for the Global NCAP as it previously scored a zero-star rating.

Just a bit of a backgrounder, the retesting for the S-Presso was done two days before the Global NCAP planned to update its assessment protocols to include side-impact and pedestrian protection requirements mandating electronic stability control as standard. This means that the Suzuki hatchback was tested with much older protocols.

Regardless of this, the Suzuki S-Presso was able to get a three-star rated star for Adult Occupancy Protection (AOP). It retained its two-star rating for Child Occupancy Protection (COP). Something to note is that the unit that was tested for the crash safety rating was the South African spec S-Presso which comes fitted with two airbags as standard, which is similar to what is being sold in the Philippines.

While the S-Presso did score better than it did before it did show a few weaknesses here and there especially when it came to its body structure which was unstable when it crashed into the test barrier at 64km/h. Aside from this, the NCAP also notes that “the body shell and footwell area are not capable of withstanding further loadings.” Knee protection was also shown to be marginal as strong impacts still come with the potential of damaging the knees of the front occupants. 

With the new crash test results in, the improved S-Presso is a far cry from what was originally tested back in 2020. While its scores are barely passing, there has been significant progress with the Japanese hatchback in terms of safety as the Indian version of the vehicle now comes with six airbags as standard.

As the Suzuki S-Presso has leveled up in terms of its crash safety rating it now becomes an even more attractive option for those looking to get an affordable car. Make sure to visit our website for the latest deals, promos, and discounts available for the S-Presso and the rest of the models that Suzuki Philippines sells in the country.

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