Ford Mustang

Buckle up and prepare for take off, because this Ford promo will have you driving and flying to your next destination. Ford is making its vehicles even more enticing because not only will you get to drive home in a brand new crossover, pickup, or SUV, you’ll also get a free round trip ticket to selected Asian destinations. It’s a double whammy from Ford BGC and Otis, but get it now as the promo will run only until June 10, 2019. 

On top of the free flight, there are numerous freebies and discounts that could be had with the purchase of Ford’s vehicles. From necessities like LTO registration, to more valuable items such as floor mats, VKool tint and a free 1000 km preventive maintenance service. Do take note however that you will get these freebies if you opt for the EcoSport, Ranger, or Everest as your next car purchase. For the Explorer and Mustang Convertible however, a flight will still await you if you avail of this new promotion but not the freebies with the other cars. So If you’re in the market for any of these vehicles, you’re in luck because these promos are sure to give you good value for your purchase. 


A crossover could fit your needs in the big city. The EcoSport offers high ground clearance in a package that is compact and light enough to not be cumbersome. The unit on offer is a 1.5L engine mated to a manual transmission. The promo features an all-in low downpayment with extended payment terms that go beyond the industry standard. At 72 months to pay, Ford is making it easier to own its subcompact crossover because you can expect to pay around P18,000 on a monthly basis. 

Ranger Wildtrak

If you need a pickup, opt for the Ford Ranger Wildtrak 2.0L Bi-turbo 4x4 from the promo. Get this and receive your capable hauler with only a P13,000 downpayment. You can also have up to 6 years to pay with a monthly amortization of around P33,000. 


The Ford Everest has been one of the favorites of Filipino buyers for a while, and its Ambiente variant is up for grabs with zero downpayment and 72 months to pay. The monthly fee for this vehicle will be around P29,000. The unit comes equipped with Ford’s 2.2L turbo diesel engine that is mated to a manual transmission. 

Ford Explorer

Splurge a bit for the Explorer however, and Ford will reward you with a cash discount on top of your free round trip. P160,000 in cash discounts can be had for this unit and be sure to enjoy your free LTO registration as well. 

Ford Mustang

But alright, you want the best the blue oval has to offer. How about a 5.0L V8 engine mated to that all-important manual transmission? How about all of that with the killer looks of a bona-fide muscle car, oh and it’s a convertible. Yes that’s right, a Mustang convertible is getting a promo from Ford in the form of a P140,000 cash discount. Your LTO registration will be free, and remember your free flight? Yeah that’s still a thing. 

So no matter who you are, or what vehicle you buy from any one of these promos, remember you have a free round trip ticket and you’ll get a sweet deal on a Ford vehicle from either their Ford BGC or Ford Otis dealership from now until June 10, 2019. 

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