Street Borne

From the makers of Techron, Caltex brings you a new promo for its motorcycle oil. For every 1L of Havoline Super 4T Semi-Synthetic 10W-40 oil for motorcycles, you get an exclusive premium Street Borne cap packaged with a Street Borne themed box along with the Havoline oil. 

The Street Borne campaign features lubricants from the Havoline brand. From April 10 to June 30, 2019 customers can purchase this product from participating workshops, outlets and service stations. 

Street Borne
We are excited to kick off the year with this brand-new campaign – Street Borne. Well-aware of the challenges of urban motorists, we have a range of top-quality motorcycle and scooter engine oils that address their concerns through unique product formulation and innovative technologies. Caltex Lubricants has a long and established heritage amongst motorists, and we are always innovating new ways of conveying our brand promises to make their experience on the streets more valuable and enjoyable,

Havoline comes with ZoomTech. Caltex touts this as a friction boosting additive that helps deliver optimum throttle response. The oil also features thermal stability and comes with an additive package that helps fight against wear and damage. 

Street borne oils

The oil also offers consistent performance as per Caltex. Group II and Group III oils were used in the process of creating this blend in order to guarantee durability between each service interval. The formulation also offers oxidation protection and detergency to keep your engine gunk free. 

Street Borne

The oil is for modern four-stroke engines that are either air-cooled or liquid cooled. Three grades of oil are on offer from Caltex. SAE 10W-30, which the brand recommends for better fuel efficiency and better engine response. SAE 10W-40 which is recommended for modern engines that require added protection and improved wear resistance. SAE 15W-50 which can grace the blocks of big v-twin and big-bore applications that require thicker engine oils for even more wear protection. Caltex also notes that for each weight of oil, there are specific brands that swear by them as well. Honda recommends 10W-30 for its motorcycles. While Yamaha Suzuki, and Kawasaki recommends 10W-40. Finally, Harley-Davidson, Ducati, KTM, and BMW all recommend 15W-40 for all its premium bikes. 

Again consult with technicians at the shop for more information about the oils to use. Ride on over to the nearest participating Caltex station to avail of this promotion. 

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