Prestone Motor Oil

You may or may not know how to check if your car needs an oil change, but one thing should stand clear – every responsible driver must know that a regular oil change is necessary for the car to stay healthy and strong. The market is already crowded with choices for scheduled maintenance to suit your budget, preference, and vehicle requirements, but time and again, the likes of Prestone, a 90-year old brand of car care products, would introduce fresh options that will make driving a lot easier.

Prestone’s new Motor Oil promises life amplified with better running cars. Available in one-liter and four-liter packages (depending whether you need a top up or full oil change), the Motor Oil comes in synthetic, fully synthetic, and mineral lubricants with options of the G-Tech Series, made specifically for the gasoline engine cars, and the D-Tech Series for the diesel engine vehicles.

More particularly, the G-Tech Series is available in three variants: the G-Tech Advance (10W-40) which is available in mineral and synthetic blend, the G-Tech Synblend with viscosity rating of 5W-40, and the G-Tech Fully Synthetic (also 5W-40 rated) that protects engine at high temperatures. Meanwhile, the variants for the D-Tech Series are the: 500 SynBlend (synthetic blend with 15W-40 viscosity rating) and 500 Fully Synthetic (also with 15W-40 viscosity rating).

Known for cleaning the engines, protecting cars and improving fuel efficiency, Prestone’s Motor Oil further exemplifies its high quality with the world-class approval, as well as the coveted API donut stamp: the mark of being certified and qualified by the American Petroleum Institute. 

During the unveiling of its new range of Motor Oil, Prestone Philippines also announced its latest brand ambassador, Paolo Abrera, who co-hosted the grand launch with model Bianca Valerio, and joined featured celebrity guests Bianca King, Gaby del Merced, Aubrey Miles, and Troy Montero, who are also known for their interest in motor sports, were tested on their car care knowledge.

“Whether you do it yourself or get a service station to do it, changing your oil on schedule and using only quality oil and other car care products from Prestone will ensure your car stays running cooler, cleaner, and more efficiently. Take care of your car and your car will take care of you.”

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