Shell V-Power Dynaflex Technology

Aside from your engine oil, choosing the right fuel is crucial as it affects your overall driving experience. Efficiency and engine performance are the key factors you need to take note of, as both can change depending on the fuel type.

To address both, Pilipinas Shell launches a new and improved V-Power formulation that involves a lot of science and co-engineered by the iconic Scuderia Ferrari Formula One team – the DYNAFLEX Technology.

The new V-Power with DYNAFLEX Technology (racing, gasoline, and diesel) promises to rid your engine of deposits that deteriorates your car's fuel economy and road performance. Through 5-years worth of research and development, the fuel scientists at Shell were able to prove that these deposits affect the entire 4-stroke combustion cycle – alters the fuel/air mixture during intake, absorbs fuel during compression, delays combustion, and wastes energy during exhaust.

By using the new V-Power with Dynaflex technology, your engine will be cleaned of these deposits, bringing back 80% of engine performance and efficiency on 1st fill. The cleaning will go on with continued use until your engine is back to its top shape.

In addition, the racing and gasoline fuel variants get extra enhancements that lessen the friction inside the combustion chamber. The added friction-reducing molecules work at a wide range of conditions – from idling and low speeds to higher engine load during fast drives.

We are constantly faced with the challenge to keep up with the rapid evolution of vehicle technology and the changing needs of our customers. This is why we spent over half a decade of research and development to produce our best fuel ever," said Pilipinas Shell Vice President for Retail Anthony Lawrence Yam.

The new and improved Shell V-Power with DYNAFLEX Technology is now available at all Shell fuel stations nationwide.

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