BMW iX Flow color changing car

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2022, is typically an event where tech companies showcase their latest lineup of gadgets, computers, and other innovations. It just so happens car companies can also use this event to show off their latest technology as well. BMW is one of the handfuls of automakers that have chosen to unveil their latest tech at this event. Coming straight from science fiction or a James Bond film, the German automotive brand has just made a color-changing car.

This new technology debuts on the brand’s latest concept car called the BMW iX that features body panels made from E Ink displays. This is the display you can find on a Kindle e-reader. Once these panels are on the car, they are coated with a special protectant to shield them from the elements to make them more resistant to daily wear and tear.

To better show off their new color-changing body BMW iX flow, the automaker gave a virtual demonstration where the concept car changed its color from white to black, and then back to white. Something to note is that when the vehicle is white, it isn’t a full color as the car has triangular patterns on the bodywork. This can be likely attributed to the design of the panels but it becomes less obvious at a distance.

BMW has stated that while the demonstration only showed a shift from white to black and vice versa other color options are possible in the future. The automaker also stated that the new technology could also be used on specific areas of the car, such as its grille, to help give the vehicle a different appearance.

With that said, this new color-changing technology is indeed great and we could soon see it on BMW’s future lineup of cars especially with its planned electric vehicle range.

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