Mitsubishi's Pajero is rumored to return as a luxury hybrid SUV in 2027.

The rumors are speaking, and they are suggesting something exciting and big for Mitsubishi fans: the Pajero, a long-time favorite and well-known SUV, might be on its way back, but this time as a high-end hybrid SUV. If these whispers are true, it could make a big hit once again in the market, especially in the Philippines. 

Planned for release in 2027, this new version of the Pajero appears to join the luxury hybrid vehicles group, which might be a big change for Mitsubishi. The company, known for making affordable and feature-rich cars, is now targeting the luxury off-road market. 


According to the Japanese publication Best Car, and as mentioned by, the Pajero will likely follow Outlander's plug-in hybrid system, offering both power and better fuel economy - a hybrid that would appeal to eco-conscious drivers looking for a touch of luxury. 

Currently, SUVs are becoming more and more popular in the country; thus, the return of the Pajero as a high-end hybrid could cause some excitement and anticipation. Many people are looking for cars that are kinder to the environment but still luxurious and fun to drive. The hybrid Pajero could fit this need well.


While it's still just a rumor, it's an exciting idea that could change things for SUV buyers in the Philippines and other places. Turning the Pajero into a hybrid may also be a part of Mitsubishi's wider reach toward more eco-friendly vehicles, which is slowly becoming a common goal among carmakers. The idea also shows how car companies are changing, as they are making cars that are better for the environment and can do different things.

Everyone's looking forward to the Pajero's possible comeback in 2027. We all are! Meanwhile, you can check out Mitsubishi's current range, including the new Triton truck and the hybrid versions of Xpander and Xpander Cross. Feel free to get a quote for any car you're interested in.

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