2019 Chevrolet Spark price change

The Covenant Car Company Inc, the exclusive distributor of Chevrolet vehicles in the Philippines, has just announced that the Spark will have a price change. The price change is not an increase, however, it's actually a substantial discount to its standard retail price (SRP).

The Chevrolet Spark can now be had for over P100,000 less than its previous SRP for the top-end Premier CVT variant. The manual variant, however, still retains its SRP.

Getting into the specifics, the range-topping Spark CVT Premier now retails for P734,888 compared to its previous price point of P859,888. The price adjustment represents a P125,000 difference between pricing.

The Spark’s new price point now increases its value for money proposition. During our review of the vehicle, we liked the features it had as well as the cabin space. For its price point, it's one of a few units to have Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. This smartphone mirroring capability comes in a 7-inch touch screen display. Having these features makes it easier to pair with your phone and use its inbuilt apps for navigation and music. 

If fuel economy and performance is your thing the spark also has it covered. Powering the small hatchback is a 1.4-liter naturally-aspirated gasoline engine producing 97 hp and 128 Nm of torque. The engine is also attached to a CVT increasing its efficiency further. The engine and transmission combo put the Spark well ahead of its competitors in terms of power and efficiency. Speaking of efficiency, for those who are worried about fuel economy, will be happy to know that the Spark is capable of doing 10.1 km/L in the city, while on the highway the Spark was able to clock in 24.3 km/L.

With its new price point lowering its SRP significantly, the Chevrolet Spark gives you more value for money for the features that it has.

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