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Toyota Motor Philippines (TMP) has confirmed it, the 12th generation of the Corolla Altis will be launched on September 9, 2019, and it will be coming with a hybrid variant.

The Corolla Altis has been one of Toyota’s best-selling models in its local lineup. The outgoing 11th generation of the vehicle has been around since late 2014. It already has gone through a mid-model change, which is usually a sign that a new generation is coming.

If the report of is true then the 12th generation Corolla Altis could come with six variants similar to that Thailand spec units. There are three engine options for the Thai spec units, which are the 1.6 1ZRFAE, the 1.8 2ZRFAE, and a 1.8 Hybrid drivetrain. 

While the 1.6 gets a slight bump in power by about 10 hp and 7 Nm of torque from before, the 1.8 will have a minor power reduction compared to the 2.0-liter it will be replacing. The power figures of the 1.8 come in at 138 hp and 173 Nm of torque to the crank. This is a 5 hp and 14 Nm of torque deficit from the outgoing 2.0-liter. All gas-burning engines will come with a 50-liter fuel tank with the exception of the hybrid drivetrain which receives a 43-liter tank. 

For the hybrid drivetrain, it will be powered by the 1.8-liter 2ZR-FXE Atkinson cycle. The engine will be mated to a new CVT. This new transmission is called the Super CVT-i which has G AI shift control and paddle shifters. Without the electric motor’s help, the drivetrain can produce 98 hp and 142 Nm of torque. The figures don't look too good at first but once you combine it with the electric motors the power figures go up significantly. 

With the combustion engine and electric motors working together, the hybrid version of the all-new Corolla Altis produces 122 hp – exact torque figures are still unknown. But thanks to the help of the electric motors, torque figures could be estimated to be well into the 200 Nm range.

For the variants, the base model in Thailand is the 1.6J which could be the only variant in the lineup to receive a manual 6-speed transmission. The 1.6 G on the other hand, will be mated to the new CVT. 

One tier up is the 1.8 GR Sport. The variant will probably come with a body kit if TMP will carry over the variant specifications from Thailand. The next three variants are just various trim levels of the hybrid drivetrain, starting from Entry and topping out with the High trim.

The all-new 2020 Altis will also be riding on Toyota’s TNGA platform, with this it will be 10mm longer, 5mm wider and 25mm shorter than the previous model but the wheelbase is still the same. There is no word yet for official pricing but expect the price without taxes to start at around P1.1 million peso range for the base model and could top off at P1.7 million for the range-topper. These estimates are based on the incomplete pricing of the Thailand units. These, however, might change as TMP will adjust pricing and variant specifications for the local market.

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