Toyota Corolla crashes into 1931 Ford Model A

We're sorry to bother you on a Monday with a photo as such. It's just that we came across with this on Facebook and it just instantly pinched our hearts to the point that we had to write about it. People, don't—we mean never—ever use your phone while you are driving or'll find yourself in the shoes of this Toyota Corolla driver.

Looking at this photo of a Toyota Corolla crashed into a Ford Model A is painful enough but wait till you find out what happened. The poor Ford Model A was parked on the roadside when a Toyota Corolla driver crashed into it. Yup, it had nothing to do with it, it was just a random casualty. Out of all the cars parked on the side of the road this Corolla would've crashed into, it did it on a Ford Model A.

According to the Facebook post by the Model A's owner William Smith, the driver of the Corolla is a woman who, apparently, was on her phone when the crash happened. Fair enough, the irresponsible driver was up to a serious problem, just imagine how much it costed to restore and maintain an American iconic car. It must be hell for her, plus the charges she would face in court. Yet still, that was a carefully and well-maintained classic so it's more of a hell on Smith's side.

As a result of the silly act, the Model A ended up with a totaled rear fender, bent frame and driveshaft, bye-bye differential, and split engine block, and cracked transmission housing. The hood even flew 10 feet away from the front end which explains how hard the impact was. Too much for an inherited car that has been with William's father for 45 years.

What's irritating about this case is that the driver of the blue Corolla tried to get away with it by driving away and running on foot. Good thing the cops caught up and cuffed the suspect. Now, good luck dealing with that, hope everyone learned a lesson from this sad crash. Our deepest sympathies go to William and his dad.

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