Nissan Texting Driving

Bad habits, such as smoking, hooking up with your ex-lover, going over speed limits, and texting while driving, are so hard to break. They consume the good in you, which later become hazardous to other people around you.

The temptation while trying to quit these habits is intense; it’s almost impossible doing so. However, Nissan just made something to help you stop them as soon as possible…well, at least for the last one, texting while driving.

The Japanese company introduces the Nissan Signal Shield, which you would probably know what it does from the get-go. It aims to not allow incoming calls and messages by blocking electromagnetic signals like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and cellular, thus, removing distraction while you drive. To see it in action inside a Nissan Juke, watch the video below:

Less distraction means safer road use for you, your passengers, and the people around your vehicle.

However, just like you, we have many questions regarding this technology. What if you want to play music from your smartphone? Nissan said that you will still be able to do so by connecting the phone via a wire (USB or Aux input). You just can’t use Spotify or other music streaming sites. Sucks.

Moreover, what about navigational apps like Waze or Google Maps?

Good thing the Signal Shield is still a prototype at this point. Let’s leave it at that for now and let Nissan finish the development of their upcoming safety feature. But for what it’s worth, remember that safety should always be your number 1 priority – and with the obvious perils of texting while driving, breaking that bad habit is a welcome feat.

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