Worn out tires

The Department of Transporation (DOTr) has plans to implement a new Motor Vehicle Inspection System (MVIS) soon. With the new system, new guidelines have also been released as to what a vehicle needs to have in order to pass testing and be eligible for registration renewal with the Land Transportation Office. The testing is more stringent than before and deals with all aspects of a vehicle that make it roadworthy as well as noise and environmentally friendly.

Under the guidelines for testing for the Motor Vehicle Inspection Centers, it must check every wheel of the vehicle being inspected to ensure that there are no fractures or welding defects. They will also check to see if the tires on the vehicle match the specific “tire size, load capacity or speed category” in accordance with the Philippine National Standards. Along with this, the tires will also be checked for “significant damages” such as cracks or cuts to the cords. They will also check to see if the tire wear indicator is exposed to see if the tire is still roadworthy.

Tire manufacturing date

On top of this, the MVICs will also check to see the tire’s age. The MVIS guidelines state that the tire on your vehicle must not exceed a certain age. The guidelines specifically state that “tires have a safe useful life of five years”, and that MVICs are instructed to “make sure that tires are not expired” This means that with the new testing protocols vehicles with tires older than 5 years of age may not pass inspection. With that said this gives a definitive answer as to when you will need to change your tires.

If you want to know how old your tires currently are you can take a look at the sidewall and search for 4 consecutive numbers. The first two in the sequence will indicate the week it was made, while the final two will indicate the year. So, if you are headed to an MVIC make sure that your vehicle comes with tires that are in good condition, are still thick, and are no older than 5 years. It is important to remember that a vehicle must pass inspection before it can be renewed.

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