Anti-Colorum Task force

Last week, on April 18, 2024, three governmental agencies collaborated to create a task force aimed at tackling unauthorized vehicles and public utility vehicles—also referred to as “colorum vehicles”—unlawfully operating within the National Capital Region (NCR). This joint task force, composed of the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), Department of Transportation (DOTr), and Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) was established in response to a directive from President Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

In addition to these departments, the task force will include the Special Project Group of the Philippine National Police under the DILG to enhance coordination efforts for traffic management, clearing operations, and other endeavors against unauthorized vehicles in Metro Manila. Specifically, the joint task force will lead in identifying transportation infractions and issuing appropriate violation tickets.

“Through the joint cooperation of the three agencies together with the PNP, anti-colorum operations will be intensified. Expect a stricter imposition of penalty to violators in a shorter period of time.”
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Meanwhile, Secretary Jaime Bautista of the DOTr emphasized the significance of ramping up the anti-colorum campaign to bolster the progress of the Public Utility Vehicle Modernization Program (PUVMP) and address traffic congestion in urban centers.

"In this collaboration, we can provide assistance to legally operating entities, which report a loss of 35 percent in revenue due to unauthorized vehicles," Bautista remarked, adding that unconsolidated PUVs beyond the April 30 deadline will also be deemed unauthorized.

Between March 12 and April 15, the combined efforts of the MMDA and DILG led to a total of 56 apprehensions for unauthorized vehicles, 44 apprehensions for out-of-line vehicles, and the impoundment of 100 unauthorized units.

The fines for drivers and operators of unauthorized vehicles vary from P6,000 to P1 million, depending on the type of vehicle.

In addition to aiding lawful PUV operators who allegedly suffer up to 35 percent in income loss due to unauthorized vehicles, Bautista asserted that clamping down on illegal operators would enhance traffic conditions in Metro Manila: "Reducing colorum operations by 90 percent would significantly assist legitimate transport operators and alleviate traffic congestion."

Starting May 1, 2024, the anti-colorum operations conducted by the joint task force will begin. However, the impact of this initiative on the commuting public remains uncertain.

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