MMDA enforces new ban on e-bikes and e-trikes on major Metro Manila roads to improve safety and manage traffic.

Wait, battery's not included? The Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) has implemented a new rule prohibiting e-bikes and e-trikes from traveling on several major roads in Metro Manila. The regulation is enforced to help manage traffic better and improve safety on these busy roads. The affected vehicles include not only e-bikes and e-trikes but also other motorized vehicles like tricycles and kuligligs.

Starting April 15, the MMDA has enforced this ban on roads such as EDSA, Roxas Boulevard, and Quezon Avenue. For the first two days of implementation, the MMDA will only issue warnings to those who violate the ban. However, from April 17 onwards, strict penalties will apply: violators will be fined P2,500, and vehicles operating without a license or registration will be impounded.

The strict implementation is in response to concerns that slower-moving vehicles can disrupt traffic flow and pose safety risks on fast-moving roads. E-bikes and e-trikes usually travel at lower speeds, which can create unstable situations and lead to traffic jams.

However, the ban has been met with criticism, particularly from groups concerned about the effect on people who rely on these affordable transport options. Ira Cruz, from Alt Mobility PH, has pointed out that many people use e-bikes and e-trikes because public transportation isn't meeting their needs. He argues that banning these vehicles from most roads puts an unfair burden on these commuters.

To make sure everyone knows about the new rules, the MMDA has launched an information campaign. The goal is to make sure all drivers of e-bikes and e-trikes understand where and why they are restricted from traveling on these roads.

As the ban takes effect, the MMDA is working with local government units to oversee the enforcement and assist with any issues that arise during the transition period, monitoring the situation closely to make sure the new regulations lead to smoother traffic flow and better safety for all road users in Metro Manila.

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