LTO schedules renewal and pickup for expired licenses to improve service and reduce backlog.

The clock's ticking for anyone with a license that expires between April and August 2023. The Land Transportation Office (LTO) is addressing its backlog of plastic driver's license cards by introducing a scheduled distribution system. The new system is made to help clear the pending 4.1 million cards due to past supply delays and to facilitate a smoother renewal process for motorists.

LTO chief Vigor Mendoza II recently announced that drivers whose licenses expired between April and August 2023 are now eligible to renew their licenses and receive their new plastic cards. The first renewal window is set from April 16 to 30, specifically for these motorists. Mendoza stressed that adhering to this schedule is really important to avoid penalties or other problems that might arise.

The backlog was affected by a temporary court injunction that stopped the delivery of 3.2 million cards and ongoing supply chain issues. However, the situation has started to improve with the delivery of 1.6 million cards and the expected arrival of more in the coming months.

In addition to addressing the immediate backlog, the LTO is taking further steps to prevent future delays. The agency has begun collaborating with local government units (LGUs) and private courier companies to distribute the cards more efficiently. For example, an agreement with Quezon City allows residents to receive their cards without visiting LTO offices directly, and similar arrangements are planned for San Juan and Marikina.

The LTO has also outlined a detailed renewal schedule for the remainder of the year to manage the flow of renewals more effectively. Licenses expiring from September to December 2023 and from May to June 2024 have set and specified renewal periods to distribute the workload evenly and reduce waiting times at LTO offices.

So, if your license expires from April to August 2023, you've got until April 30 to renew. Visit the LTO and skip the late fees.

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