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Last year, the Land Transportation Office (LTO), along with the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) crafted the unified Single-Ticketing-System (STS) for Metro Manila. This new system aims to give motorists a standard set of traffic rules and regulations so that fines and methods of implementation do not differ with each city. Just about time, we’d say. 

As the name suggests, every city within the National Capital Region (NCR) will adopt a unified ticketing system, seamlessly integrated with the Land Transportation Management System (LTMS) of the Land LTO. Under this system, traffic enforcers will not confiscate driver’s licenses, instead, violators will receive a ticket and will be registered in the LTO's Land Transportation Management System. They will then be required to pay a standard fine, which can be conveniently settled through digital platforms such as GCash, Maya, and others. 

Bacoor City STS Signing

Heading outside NCR, the City of Bacoor in Cavite has recently entered into a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with the LTO to adopt the LTO-LGU Interconnectivity Single Ticketing System. This initiative aims to streamline service delivery to motorists and establish a more efficient mechanism for handling fines and other traffic-related transactions.

As mentioned before, motorists found violating traffic regulations within Bacoor City will be subject to standardized fines as per the guidelines set in February 2023. On the topic of implementation though, Bacoor City will be announcing Details regarding the trial period and complete implementation of the STS in the future

If you need a refresher on the violations and fines under the single-ticketing-system, give it a look here:

  • Disregarding traffic signs - P1,000
  • Illegal parking (attended) - P1,000
  • Illegal parking (unattended) - P2,000
  • Number coding scheme violation - P500
  • Truck ban - P3,000
  • Light truck ban - P2,000
  • Reckless driving - P1,000 (first offense), P2,000 (second offense), P2,000 with seminar (third and subsequent offenses)
  • Tricycle ban - P500
  • Obstruction - P1,000
  • Dress code for motorcycles - P500 (first offense), P750 (second offense), P1,000 (third and subsequent offenses)
  • Overloading - P1,000
  • Defective motor vehicle accessories - P1,000
  • Unauthorized modifications - P2,000
  • Arrogance/discourteous conduct - P500
  • Loading and unloading in prohibited zones - P1,000
  • Illegal counterflow - P2,000 (first offense), P5,000 (second and subsequent offenses)
  • Overspeeding - P1,000
  • Failure to use seatbelt - P1,000
  • Failure to use child restraint system (CRS) - P1,000 (first offense), P2,000 (second offense), P5,000 (third and subsequent offenses)
  • Use of substandard CRS - P1,000 (first offense), P3,000 (second offense), P5,000 (third and subsequent offenses)
  • No motorcycle helmet - P1,500 (first offense), P3,000 (second offense), P5,000 (third offense), P10,000 (fourth and subsequent offenses)
  • Use of helmet with no ICC markings - P3,000 (first offense), P5,000 (second and subsequent offenses)
  • Violation of Children’s Safety on Motorcycles Act - P3,000 (first offense), P5,000 (second offense), P10,000 (third and subsequent offenses)
Bacoor City STS MoA signing

Hopefully, the LTO’s new ticketing system will lessen the scourge that is corrupt enforcers on our roads. On the brighter side of motoring, you can check out the AutoDeal Car Guide and hunt for your next set of wheels. Nothing sets the mood for responsible driving like a fresh new ride.

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