Plastic Philippine Driver's License

Four million before 2024. The LTO has acquired four million plastic cards to solve the backlog of driver’s licenses that was incurred this year. 

It was only a few months ago that the LTO issued a statement regarding the shortage of driver’s licenses, which resulted in new and renewing license holders receiving a paper with their information on it. Some motorists thought that this was a hassle, others were thankful that they renewed early on, but the LTO assured the public that they would be back on track and that motorists would receive their cards soon.

“So we would like to announce to our clients, to the Filipino people, mo more paper licenses! We’re back to plastic card licenses!”

The return to plastic as put by the LTO Chief should net a huge sigh of relief for new and renewing drivers towards the start of 2024. On top of that, motorists who received a paper license will be entitled to claim their ‘official’ cards next month, January 2024. 

Previously, the LTO stated that the backlog for plastic licenses was said to be numbered at about 3.3 million cards. What came in was four million, more than enough to address the backlog and enough to sustain the LTO’s daily usage via the application and renewal processes. 

Mendoza coined it as the “early Christmas gift” to motorists, however, the delivery of the 3.3 million cards was postponed by the injunction, and to which Mendoza stated that it could be the LTO’s “Valentine’s Day gift" to motorists. 

Whether the cards will arrive sooner than later is up for the LTO to pursue. Still, this is good news for motorists across the country, and it’s great news for those who are set to renew their license, received a paper license, or simply looking for a new driver’s license card. No more paper, as the LTO puts it, which is great news to cap off 2023 and to start 2024. 

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