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The LTO has recently given an update about its vehicle number plate backlog, stating that the 13 million plates that are pending with the office will be addressed as early as 2025 or as late as 2026 according to the LTO’s estimates. 

This news came from the LTO chief, Attorney Vigor Mendoza, during the budget hearing for the Transportation Department and all attached agencies. Mendoza stated in the meeting that the government agency is looking to address the backlog within the next two years, in the context that it will take over two years to fully address the concern. 

Other officials have reported that the agency is looking to resolve the backlog in due time and the LTO has the necessary machines to deliver these plates to motorists given the current climate of plate production and the number of cars getting registered daily. 

According to the agency, the current rate of production for number plates is 42,000 license plates every day. Production of plates will also be in full swing as the Department of Transportation has ordered 15 million license plates that will be coursed through the LTO’s production line starting October 2023. The LTO has also stated that plate production for the backlog will be the main priority of the LTO. 

Furthermore, Mendoza also added that they have assured motorists that the agency will do everything to resolve the backlog as soon as possible. 

For now, the report from the LTO is based on their current estimates and production capabilities, however, it may be some time before we know whether the agency can deliver on time or now. For now, however, a lot of motorists are still waiting on their plates, however, it also must be acknowledged that the LTO will still continue to supply the demand for plates for cars that are registered in the current and future model years. 

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