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Part of car ownership is getting it inspected and registered every year after the first three years after rolling off the lot. There’s a list of things that you need to take care of first before your vehicle is eligible for registration renewal in the Philippines. Here’s a guide on how to get the job done. 

This is the registration that comes with your brand new vehicle the moment it comes out of the dealership. For this type of registration only accredited importers and dealers are allowed to apply for it. 

General requirements

  1. Original Sales invoice

  2. Original LTO copy or electronically transmitted insurance certificate of cover

  3. Original copy of PNP and HPG clearance certificate plus the special bank receipt

  4. Original certificate of stock reported

  5. Payment reference number 

The duration of this registration lasts up to 3 years from the first date of registration. When you purchase a car, the registration fee is indicated outside of the price of the vehicle, or it can be included in the package when you make the purchase. Either way, remember when you hit the 3-year mark, it’s time to make your way to your local district office and have your car registered. 

New motorcycles with sidecar

  • Original affidavit of attachment for the sidecar that has been executed by the owner and mechanic on the date completion.

Used-Imported vehicles

  • These are vehicles that have been exempted from EO 156/877-A


1. One photocopy of a commercial invoice/certificate of title with English translation authenticated by the embassy.

2. Original duly accomplished motor vehicle inspection report with a certificate of compliance to emissions standards in the Philippines.

Requirements for rebuilt trucks and buses with a new or used imported engine and/or chassis

  1. One photocopy of Commercial/ Sales invoice from the country of origin

  2. Original Affidavit of Rebuilt executed by the accredited rebuilder, stating the date of completion

  3. Original Certificate of Stock Reported of rebuilt truck/ bus

  4. One Certified true copy of DTI- FTEB Endorsement

  5. One photocopy of Certificate of Payment issued if parts/ components are imported

Requirements for Imported motor vehicles acquired through public bidding

  • One Certified true copy of Official Receipt evidencing payment of acquisition cost

  • One Certified true copy of the Notice of Award

For these kinds of vehicles are there certain steps that must be followed in order to legally register the vehicle in the Philippines. Some steps will differ depending on location but the general process remains the same. 

  1. Submit the required documents to the LTO

  2. Proceed to the chosen LTO branch’s cashier

    1. Receive the OR

  3. Present the OR at the next station in the LTO branch’s process

    1. Receive your OR again together with the new CR, plates, and RFID sticker.

*Plates may not yet be available yet for vehicles and as such a temporary one will be given.*

After the initial 3-years of registration are up from a brand new vehicle it is now time to renew the registration. Any motor vehicle can do this and is an important part of car ownership.

General requirements:

  1. LTO Copy and electronically transmitted appropriate Certificate of Cover (TPL)

  2. Duly accomplished Original Motor Vehicle Inspection Report (MVIR)

  3. Original Copy of Certificate of Emission Compliance

  4. Original Copy of your vehicle’s OR and CR

Steps for renewal of registration

  1. Submit requirements to your preferred LTO office

  2. Proceed to cashier for payment of fees and receive your OR

  3. Present your OR at the next window in the LTO facility

  4. Receive your new sticker

* As of writing this article new vehicle registration stickers are currently not yet available*

If your vehicle’s registration is expired, you will be fined P200 per week passed for four-wheeled vehicles. A motorcycle, meanwhile, will incur P100 per week that the registration is passed. 

When buying a second-hand vehicle it is important to have the ownership of the vehicle transferred to you once you have bought it. It will save you from having future issues when it comes to the vehicle. 


Legal Research fund P10

Transfer of ownership P50

Computer fee P159.06

Estimated total P229.06

The estimated total does not include your vehicle's MVIC and as such your total may change depending on that cost. Presented above is the cost of change of ownership if the vehicle still has a valid registration.

As with all ownership changes, there are corresponding documents that you will need to present when you get this done for your vehicle. 


  1. Deed of sale (addressed to you or open)

  2. 3 signatures and 3 valid IDS of the original owner

  3. Clearance from the HPG and PNP

  4. TPL insurance for your vehicle

Under R.A. 11698, owners can register their cars as vintage vehicles. Cars that are more than 40 years old from their original date of manufacture fall under this new classification. Registering your car as a vintage vehicle exempts it from clean-air, anti-pollution, safety, road use, and other standards that were not enforced at the time the vehicle was manufactured. The LTO has provided the following checklist for owners who wish to register their cars as vintage vehicles.

Requirements for Initial Registration:

  1. Certificate of Stock Report (CSR)
  2. Duly accomplished and approved Motor Vehicle Inspection Report (MVIR)
  3. Original and photocopy of any valid government-issued identification document of the registered owner with photo and signature
  4. Philippine National Police (PNP) - Highway Patrol Group (HPG) Motor Vehicle Clearance Certificate
  5. Proof of electronically transmitted appropriate Third Party Liability (TPL) Insurance Certificate of Cover (COC)
  6. Certificate of title issued by the country of origin or commercial invoice of the motor vehicle
  7. Duly accomplished LTO application form for registration as a vintage vehicle under Republic Act No. 11698

Requirements for vehicles with previous LTO registration records:

  1. Original Official Receipt (OR) and Certificate of Registration (CR)
  2. For vehicles with stored plates, Return Receipt of Plate/License (RRPL)
  3. Proof of electronically transmitted appropriate TPL Insurance COC
  4. Duly accomplished and approved MVIR
  5. Duly accomplished LTO application form for registration as a vintage vehicle under Republic Act No. 11698

Requirements for vehicles that have not been registered with the LTO but have registration documents from the predecessor of the LTO such as the Motor Vehicles Office (MVO) and the Land Transportation Commission (LTC) / Bureau of Land Transportation (BLT):

  1. Original registration document issued by the MVO, LTC, or BLT which will be confirmed with available registration records of the LTO or verified for its authenticity at the Property Section of the LTO Central Office
  2. Proof of electronically transmitted appropriate TPL Insurance COC
  3. Duly accomplished and approved MVlR
  4. Duly accomplished LTO application form for registration as a vintage vehicle under Republic Act No. 11698

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