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As you may be aware, the Land Transportation Office (LTO) is facing an expected shortage of vehicle license plates this coming July 2023. To tackle this impending issue, Former LTO Chief Jay Art Tugade revealed that the LTO is actively developing a temporary solution, which would permit vehicle owners to utilize temporary license plates.

Just recently, the LTO has recently unveiled the specific format and design vehicle owners must follow in making their temporary license plates for motor vehicles. In accordance with Memorandum Circular (MC) No. JMT-2023-2400, the government agency has provided comprehensive guidelines outlining the precise details and usage instructions for both improvised plates and temporary plates.

Improvised plates pertain to plates that can be created by vehicle owners during the interim period while awaiting the replacement of a lost or damaged plate. The LTO District/Extension Office is responsible for processing the duplicate plate request and will issue an appropriate permit to utilize an improvised plate, which will remain valid until the actual plate becomes available.

Furthermore, LTO Chief Tugade emphasized that prior to utilizing improvised plates, motorists must obtain an "Authorization to Use Improvised Plate" from the LTO. This requirement is reiterated in the new MC, explicitly stating that individuals seeking to use improvised license plates must acquire official approval for their usage.

According to the aforementioned memorandum, dealerships are authorized to issue temporary plates to vehicle owners until the official physical license plate number is assigned to a newly-registered vehicle.  Additionally, owners of motor vehicles that do not have assigned plate numbers, but were registered prior to the LTO's order, can also obtain temporary plates. Vintage vehicles which have specialized plates are also allowed to use temporary plates. 

Specific plates will also have specific fonts for identification. Private vehicles will utilize a black font color, while government vehicles will continue to display the familiar red font. PUVs and other vehicles for hire will be required to have yellow font color on their license plates. Diplomatic license plates will be distinguished by blue fonts. Lastly, hybrid and electric vehicle license plates will feature green-colored fonts.

The following pictures show the LTO’s prescribed format and design for temporary plates, we advise you to take a quick look to see if the temporary plate you’re fitting is up to the LTO’s standards.

New Registration with Assigned Plate New Registration without Assigned Plate Previously Registered without Assigned Plate Hybrid Vehicle with Assigned Plate Electric Vehicle with Assigned Plate Vintage Vehicle with Assigned Plate Improvised MV Plate for Lost/Mutilated Plate

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