The Department of Transportation (DOTr) recently released an advisory on its Facebook page warning motorists about possible scammers that are lurking around Private Motor Vehicle Inspection Centers (PMVIC). With that said, the advisory further states that the motoring public should look out for some individuals or groups that have been reportedly posing as representatives of the PMVIC or as agents or officials of the DOTr or of the Land Transportation Office. As part of their scheme, these individuals may even name drop officials in an attempted to look valid and to get money out of the motoring public via fake favors and benefits to supposedly help speed their MVIS process along. 

These solicitations are fraudulent, unauthorized, illegal, and absolutely prohibited. The DOTr and LTO condemn these activities in no uncertain terms and categorically deny any involvement or participation in said schemes

With that being said both the DOTr and LTO would like to remind the public that participating or dealing with these scammers is illegal and that you could get in trouble in the long run. Both the government agencies are now after these fixers and urge the public to report any such activities to the proper authorities.

Furthermore, both the DOTr and LTO state that the motoring public should not entertain any of these fake offers as it is one way of driving off these individuals lurking around the PMVICs. As a reminder, transactions involving PMVICs must only be done with authorized personnel and communications should also be done through the official channels of the facility. With the implementation of the MVICs only barely begun, the addition of scammers into the equation will cause an already hard program to implement to be even harder as it has already received backlash on multiple fronts. Still, both government agencies are finding ways to improve the situation and make the new MVIS easier on private motorists as well as on PUVs.

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