Ford EcoSport

Ford Philippines continues to drive its momentum as it registered a total of 2,598 units sold for October 2017. This figure accounts to a 5% increase compared to the same month last year, according to the brand. As usual, the EcoSport, Everest, and the Ranger led Ford PH’s October 2017 sales.   

“Our biggest-selling nameplates continued to boost our retail performance in October. We expect demand to continue through year-end, as consumers continue to pull ahead purchases ahead of the new auto excise tax structure coming into effect.”

Gaining an increase of 9% from a year ago, the EcoSport compact SUV topped Ford’s October 2017 sales. The blue oval brand says the EcoSport managed to record a 12% year-to-date increase with 8,739 units sold.

On the other hand, the mid-size SUV Everest contributed 2.5% increase on year-on-year basis, pushing year-to-date sales to 9,773 vehicles sold. 

To complete the big 3 lineup, the Ranger pickup truck yielded 10% with 721 units sold as compared to last year. Meanwhile, Ford PH says the Ranger delivered a 24% increase in terms of year-to-date with 8,222 units sold.   

The Explorer SUV sales increased by 22%, which recorded 89 vehicles sold. As such, the Explorer’s year-to-date sales went up by 9% with 932 units. In addition, the Mustang registered 45 vehicles that boosted year-to-date sales up 25% percent with 340 units. 

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