DPWH Estrella Pantaleon Bridge

Back in October of 2020, the Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) announced that the Estrella-Pantaleon bridge will be open to the public come 2021. They announced that the project is on schedule to complete in a few more months. Since February of this year, the DPWH stated that the bridge is 80% complete, and the official completion date is set for June 2021. 

Estrella-Pantaleon Bridge Contruction DPWH

Connecting Makati and Mandaluyong, the DPWH is now at 86% completion for the project. Both structures on both sides are complete. V-shaped piers and 20 segments of pre-stressed concrete box girders are up and sound for the main bridge, and concrete box girders are set for the approach bridge. 

Estrella-Pantaleon Bridge Construction

Currently, the DPWH is in its finishing stages for the post-tensioning and grouting, formworks, and rebar installation. The road construction is also nearing completion. Once complete, the bridge will measure in at 506-linear meters. A total of 4 lanes, two on either side, will run the width of the bridge along with 3-meter wide sidewalks for pedestrians to use. 

Estrella-Pantaleon Bridge Concept Philippines

The DPWH estimates that 50,000 cars will traverse the bridge daily. It will connect Makati City and Mandaluyong City and the travel time between the two municipalities will be reduced to just 12 minutes. The project is also expected to not only help improve travel convenience between the two cities but to also provide another route to help ease traffic congestion on other routes. 

DPWH Estrella-Pantaleon Bridge Construction

As the construction continues and COVID-19 cases continue to rise, DPWH workers follow strict health and safety protocols to minimize worker’s exposure and risk to the contagious virus. Facemasks along with the proper safety gear for construction workers are a must on-site, as well as face shields where it applies. These guidelines were also made to keep the project on schedule as the June due date approaches, which is just two months away from the month of April. 

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