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Another history has recorded as Aris Cuevas, a Filipino rider, emerged at the top spot in the 2017 BMW Motorrad GS Trophy Southeast Asia qualifier. With this, Cuevas is the first-ever Filipino rider to step up to the next level of the competition: the 2018 BMW Motorrad GS Trophy International. 

During the team competition round, contenders were grouped into 10 teams with 3 members each. Cuevas and other 2 fellow Filipino riders Derrick Itchon and Leother Valderama were put into different teams composed of 1 Filipino and 2 Thai members. They went through numerous challenges and intensive stages that tested their teamwork, technical skills, and riding capabilities.

However, during the individual performance, Itchon and Valderama were outshined by other competitors. As a result, Cuevas has become the only Filipino to climb up as part of the 15 qualified contenders among the 30 competitive participants.

In fact, the Filipino rider finished the obstacles with a total score of 137 points that secured his victory and a spot in the Southeast Asia GS Trophy team. The Southeast Asia team will be competing against riders from various countries at the 2018 BMW Motorrad GS Trophy International in Mongolia. 

The BMW Motorrad GS Trophy International is said to be the most adventurous riding competition for riders all over the world. It intends to test their skills, agility, fitness, and team spirit with daily activities and various special challenges.

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