ford getting rid of new car smell

A freshly-opened book, felt-tip markers, a brand-new car – these are among a certain type of smell that a lot of people seem to enjoy. I’m pretty sure most of you would agree with me, however, the Chinese market begs to differ – and Ford complies to what one of the largest car markets in the world dictates.

In a report by the Detroit Free Press, the Blue Oval files a patent to ultimately remove the unwanted ‘new car’ scent, which involves a lot of technology. But with China’s position as a booming and aggressive automotive market, this move by Ford is deemed necessary.

The ‘new car’ scent comes from the leather, plastic, and vinyl used in the interior of the car. The adhesives and other chemicals used to bind the car parts also give off the said smell that the Chinese people loathe. This particular scent is said to be released under high temperatures.

To rid the car off with the unwanted smell, Ford’s application of patent involves ‘baking’ the mentioned car parts intentionally. This will include parking the car under the sun, opening the windows slightly, and turning the engine on. All of these will be done by the car automatically upon usage, that’s why Ford’s patent only involves its cars that are equipped with autonomous and semi-autonomous features. This will be done so by the car until the smell disappears, which will be detected by a special software and various air quality sensors.

This isn’t the first time that manufacturers bend to what the Chinese automotive market dictates. Mercedes-Benz has released a long-wheelbase A-Class sedan in China this year because the said market dictates so.

Thankfully, autonomous and semi-autonomous Ford vehicles aren’t a big thing here in the Philippines…yet, so we may be up to enjoy the addicting smell of a new car for a long time.

SourceDetroit Free Press

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