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Ford Motor Company and Mahindra Group has agreed in mutual terms to explore new strategies in India. The collaboration will focus more on the development of mobility, electrification, and product development in the South Asian region.

With Ford's global reputation and Mahindra's large-scale presence in the Greater India, the 2 companies vowed to share their expertise in areas of potential cooperation, including connected vehicle projects, sourcing and commercial efficiencies, distribution, and helping one another to improve respective market reach.

“Ford is committed to India and this alliance can help us deliver the best vehicles and services to customers while profitably growing in the world’s fifth largest vehicle market.”

Farley further added that the cooperation of both companies will allow the 2 brands achieve their strategic priorities like affordable battery for electric vehicles. Of note, teams from both companies are bound to work together for 3 years, as further strategic cooperation will be decided by the end of the said period.

It was in 1995 when Ford first entered India, and has now became one of the largest vehicle exporters in the said country. Ford in India is also the 2nd-largest employee base of the American automaker, with more than 14,000 workers.

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