Ford Mustang best-selling sports car

Well, well, well. The Ford Mustang takes home the title of being the top-selling sports car on the planet for 2016. Not the first time, though, as this is the 2nd consecutive year that the blue oval brand’s iconic muscle car took home the said accolade.

The report is according to the IHS Markit global automotive registration data in the sports car segment.

Aside from its popularity, the main reason for the outstanding sales performance is its increased availability in the international market. Currently, the ‘Stang can be bought in 140 countries, with 6 more to be added this year. 

The international fans of the Mustang seems to take advantage of this, as its sales numbers in 2016 grew by 6% over 2015. Ford also disclosed that the number of exported Mustangs doubles every year, delivering 150,000 units worldwide in 2016; 45,000 were sold outside the US.

Ford expects this to grow even further, with an upcoming facelifted model to be launched by Q4 of 2017. With its claimed better fuel economy and improved (but undisclosed) performance figures, coupled to its more aggressive looks, we’re expecting another stellar sales figure for the American muscle car. The question now is, who’s taking the challenge amongst its competitors? And when will see the facelifted version on our local roads?

Guess we just have to wait and see.

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