The Holy Week is the time when most Filipinos look for some quiet time to reflect and reconnect with their spirituality.  However, some would prefer to take a break from the chaotic city life and go on a long road trip with friends or family.

If you’re the latter, Ford Philippines came up with 6 driving tips to keep in mind especially during long road trips.

Plan your trip

No one likes to get stuck in traffic especially during a road trip. With this, Ford Philippines highly recommends that you should plan your route wisely. Allot extra time for your trip so that changes in the schedule such as re-routing or taking breaks along the way can be accommodated. Furthermore, take note of which roads are prone to congestion during peak hours to avoid further delays.

Check and declutter your car

They say that your car defines your personality. With that in mind, you should always keep your car’s interior clean and tidy. Dispose your trash properly to help eliminate foul smell and to make it more presentable to others. Moreover, loose cans and plastic bottles may roll forward and can be dangerous especially if it goes underneath any of the pedals (sort of a Final Destination movie thing). These items may prevent the driver from operating the vehicle properly and can lead to serious consequences.

In addition, you should evaluate if your car’s condition is ready for a long road trip. Check the lights, brakes, tires, fluids, air filter, air conditioner, battery, and so on.

Maintain your windows

Before going out on the road, be sure to check the windshield, side view mirrors, and windows for dirt or any residue that may impair vision. Streaks may cause dangerous glares which could temporarily blind the driver.

In case there’s dirt in any of the windows/mirrors, clean it off with a soft cloth. Also take a quick look at the wipers and its cleaning fluid. Make sure that these are in good condition and properly filled as these can come in handy for keeping your line-of-sight clear.

Stay alert

Stay alert, drive defensively, and keep a cool head while driving. These can help you avoid any sort of accident during the trip, at least on your end. Also, check your driving position. Not only will you have a more comfortable experience, the correct driving position may help you stay focused and alert. Moreover, this can give the driver more control over the car which may lead to a safer ride.

In case you start feeling tired while driving, it would be best to have another driver to take your place. If nobody else is available, the best advice is to pull over at the nearest, safest area such as a gasoline station or mall to take a break.

Keep babies safe, comfortable, and happy

Any parent knows how difficult life can be going on a road trip with their babies, especially for the driver. With all the energy children have, keeping them in their seat for a long time can be a real challenge.

To help keep them calm, safe, comfortable, and happy, bring some toys, snacks, and drinks for the kids. Aside from that, parents may strap their children on a baby seat for additional safety. If a tablet or device is available, load it with their favorite movies or shows and mount in on the front headrest with a holder

Equip yourself with tech

Mobile weather, navigation, and music apps can come in handy during road trips. All you need is your mobile data connection and you have the latest weather update, the fastest route to your destination, and your favorite playlist.

You may also check your car's built-in technologies. Some come standard with an infotainment system packed with apps to help you have a comfortable, entertaining drive.

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