To help improve their employees’ know-hows, Ford Group Philippines (FGP) held its annual cross-dealership skills enhancement tournament. Over 300 dealer employees from dealerships across the Philippines participated in the event.

With the theme 'Battle of the Toughest,' representatives took part in various challenges testing their knowledge as Service Advisor, Service Manager, Dealer Customer Relation Center (DCRC), Parts and Warranty, and Technician.

Customer service is top priority for us in Ford. With the Ford Skills Olympics, we are able to showcase the talents and skills of our dealership employees and learn from best practices while promoting friendly competition. It allows us to benchmark our own skills and capabilities in customer handling processes with a shared goal of improving customer experience in our dealerships nationwide.

Ford Philippines didn’t mention which dealership or who among its employees won the tournament in the press release. Does it really matter? For us, the true winners are none other than their customers, who ultimately will reap the benefits of events like these.

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