Ford Fusion interior

Ford responds to the rapid growth of the digital technology by redesigning the interior layout of the 2017 Fusion. The new cabin design is said to offer drivers and passengers “more storage” and “increased connectivity.”

According to Ford Fusion’s vehicle architecture supervisor Kelly Whetstone, the designers looked at customer feedback in order to know how they can improve the car’s interior. Moreover, Ford used the data gathered by Pew Research Center which stated that in the United States, 68% have a smartphone, 45% own a tablet, 14% have a portable gaming device, and 19% have e-book readers.  

With this, Ford tweaked the interior of the 2017 Fusion to cater various devices and other digital consoles. The American automaker added 59% more storage into the Fusion’s console, including a new phone socket and an area for small coins.  

The refurbished media bin at the front of the console, under the 8-inch touch monitor, comes with an additional USB port. This supports easier phone connection to the full functionality of SYNC 3 and AppLink. An additional narrow slot will also be useful for cellphone storage and other similar-sized items.

The armrest has been stretched to about 3 more inches, providing a 4-liter increase to the main console storage area, while a clamshell design has also been integrated for the upper compartment for more accessible and user-friendly space.

On the other hand, the traditional shifter was replaced with a new rotary gear shift dial. According to Ford Fusion ergonomics engineer, Hani Badawi, it’s not just the aesthetic characteristic that makes it visually pleasing, rather, its functionality which frees up a considerable amount of space on the console.

Overall, the redesigned interior of the Fusion could preview Ford’s initiative to make its cars’ cabin offer more storage and support multiple devices. However, you do have to take note that the Fusion is not sold locally. We have yet to hear if Ford will apply this new interior layout to its entire model lineup. 

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