VW partners up with Gary V

Volkswagen Philippines announces its newest brand ambassador, and it’s Mr. Pure Energy, Gary Valenciano. The partnership between the two will be showcased at the German automaker's upcoming event dubbed “We Move You.”

Volkswagen with gary v

Gary V. has become one of the most recognizable talents in the country. He has 34 years’ worth of experience in the show business industry. He has made his mark in music recording, film, and television industries. His popularity ensures that any partnerships that include him inspire audiences to move and to be moved.

Volkswagen, on the other hand, has 83 years of experience under its belt and stands as one of the lead automakers globally. The brand has been synonymous with putting people first, which can be seen in its name. When translated Volkswagen means the people’s car. The brand carries design, creation, engineering, and innovation in all of its vehicles with a driver and passenger focus in mind. 

All of the German manufacturer’s models that have rolled off assembly plants come with generations worth German engineering that come with a guarantee of engineering precision. All of these characteristics and more have instilled millions of owners with pride, confidence, and assurance in knowing that their vehicles will reliably run without a problem.

The partnership between Volkswagen Philippines and Gary V. represents a collaboration of two “movers” and game-changers in their respective fields.  Volkswagen also turned over a Lamando to the multi-talented talented artist. The Lamando mixes in timeless design, German engineering, performance, safety, and security. With all these features, the midsize sedan jives well with Gary V’s versatility and his ability to adapt to the times and performance levels.

volkswagen get ready to move event

To celebrate the partnership, a concert by Gary Valenciano himself will be featured this coming February 22, 2020, at the Trinoma Activity Center in Quezon City from 4:00 p.m. onwards. 

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