Toyota Vios

Toyota Motor Philippines has a promo for the Vios, but it is not what you expect. A typical promo usually runs with a low downpayment and a financing plan with freebies attached. However, this is a break from the recent norm. If you have a friend, you can recommend them a new Vios from Toyota, and get rewarded after. This promotion is available for all variants of the Vios, be it the XE trim or higher end trims. 

The customer can get gift certificates worth up to P5,000. For every referral made, that’s P5,000 pesos, than if the customer uses Toyota’s in-house financing, can be added to with an extra P3,000. To avail of this promo, the customer can contact any Marketing Professional from any of the 69 authorized dealerships nationwide. Or if time is tight, contact the Customer Assistance Center of Toyota (02) 819-2912, in order to get the contact details of the refferor. 

It’s simple really, all you need is a friend or family member who is looking to buy a new Vios from Toyota, and talk him up a little. Next you provide photocopies of your valid ID with an address and a valid ID without an address, coupled with proof of billing. Next you have to send the Vehicle Sales Invoice or ORCR of the Toyota vehicle under the name of the person referred as proof of ownership. 

After the referral, you need to provide the details of the friend or family member that just bought his new Vios. Contact a Toyota Marketing Professional to be able to initiate the promo. After the vehicle has been released, you’ll get a notification of a successful referral, then you will get your prize. Prepare to receive the prize in the mail through Toyota’s selected courier service. 

Toyota is going for the market with its reputation. Since the Vios is renown in this country as a car that is very satisfactory to Filipino car buyers, it comes with the reputation of being one of the more talked about cars in the country. Toyota’s stellar reputation and its reliability in this country is a strong factor in determining the viability of this promo. 

So refer your friends, because they’ll be getting a solid workhorse if ever they decide to take the leap into purchasing their first, second, or even back up car. 

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