GM RoboGlove

It looks like the exoskeleton technology has found its way to industrial use with General Motors (GM). In partnership with Bioservo Technologies and NASA, they are now developing a soft wearable robotic glove that can be used in car making and other industrial use.

NASA and GM have been working together for 9 years to develop a robotic glove to be used on international space stations. Their first product was Robonaut 2 (R2), a humanoid robot that was launched into space back in 2011. Now, they have RoboGlove – a force-multiplying and battery-powered wearable exoskeleton glove.

The RoboGlove is made up of sensors, actuators, and tendons – similar to that of the human hand. When worn, this could serve as a protection, extra grip, and added strength when doing factory work. It could also reduce stress which could increase the productivity rate.

Tomas Ward, CEO of Bioservo Technologies, sees this as “combining the best of three worlds.” NASA is known for their space technology; GM for manufacturing cars for 12 brands which includes the locally available Chevrolet vehicles; and Biservo for their achievements in medical technology. 

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