Goodyear launches Road Therapy campaign

For most drivers, going on a road trip is an escape from the stress that life brings. Knowing this, Goodyear wants families to enjoy a safe, fun driving experience with the launch of their new campaign called “Road Therapy” which highlights their latest tire, the Wrangler TripleMax.

According to the tire brand, the love of driving is an integral part of Goodyear’s DNA. That’s why they believe that driving isn’t just simply transporting yourself from one place to another, but an emotional transformation as well. For them, driving recharges the body, frees the mind, and boosts the spirit – this is what Goodyear calls “Road Therapy.”

Whether through planned vacations or spontaneous road trips, travel is now a weekend staple for the Filipinos…It’s a treasured opportunity to create fond new memories and to grow a little closer with the people who matter the most,” said Kenneth Sambajon, Market Director of Goodyear Philippines.

To amplify the positive experience during a road trip, Goodyear launched its Wrangler TripleMax tire with Hydrogrip technology. The new product, which is made for mid-sized SUVs due to its surging market and practical family use, provides shorter braking distance in both wet and dry surfaces; thanks to the tires new tread compound. It also protects the rims and rubber with its road hazard resistant features.

“The Wrangler TripleMax is an ideal choice for today’s discerning driver looking for a safer and more reliable drive that delivers in all weather or road conditions…Goodyear is confident that the Wrangler TripleMax will become the choice of tire for a safer and more comfortable ride for drivers and their familist,” said Sambajon.

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