Goodyear Assurance DuraPlus 2

Assurance, a word that we look for whenever we buy something as important as tires. Goodyear Philippines launches its aptly named Assurance DuraPlus 2 tire, designed for small to midsize passenger vehicles and offers upgraded features over its previous incarnation. Meant to address the needs of value-conscious individuals, the latest offering features TredLife Technology to give drivers the “Freedom to go further” as Goodyear puts it. 

The success of the Assurance DuraPlus was only the beginning of Goodyear’s product line. The previous-generation was known for its balance of mileage and safety. The next-generation product now emphasizes the ‘Dura’ in its name because the brand touts that the tire can go up to 110,000 km based on Goodyear’s in-house testing. A robust sidewall and reduced noise performance also are part of the package in this new model, giving you the best of everything that you come to expect from an everyday tire. 

The quiet driving experience ensures comfort inside the cabin. The tread pattern minimizes the noise throughout the entire lifespan of the tire. To aid with the ‘assurance’ aspect of the tire, the sidewall is bolstered and made more durable in order to increase robustness to resist damage in the event of a sidewall impact. 

TredLife Technology includes a new tread and cavity designs. The symmetric pattern is designed with wider cavities. Grooves, however, are narrower allowing for the increase in wearable rubber volume meaning longer lasting tread. The symmetrical design also allows for the best flexibility when it comes to rotating your tires. On top of that, the reduced noise from the underlying layers of the rubber helps to make your everyday commute as quiet and as comfortable as ever. 

The sidewall can make or break a tire. Goodyear touts that its sidewall is now more durable and reinforced. A minimum of two layers of more robust sidewall material is used to increase the resistance to impacts and other environmental factors. 

The product is now available for the common 14-inch and 15-inch sizes found on most passenger cars today. The brand offers multiple sizes to get the perfect fit for any vehicle that you find yourself driving. 

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